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Directional Movement

The Directional Movement behavior makes the associated entity perform a directional movement on the 2D plane. It features:

  • A direction vector that specifies the direction of the movement
  • A movement speed, a scalar value given in pixels per second

You may control the direction of the movement using the direction vector or an angle given in degrees. Additionally, you may control the speed of the movement simply by changing its value.

Directional Movement is very versatile. You can use it to implement many things: different types of baddies, flying objects, racing cars viewed from a top-down view, simple projectiles, and much more.


// The example below shows how to make an entity move to the
// right of the screen at a rate of 60 pixels per second
using SurgeEngine.Actor;
using SurgeEngine.Vector2;
using SurgeEngine.Behaviors.DirectionalMovement;

object "Simple Ball" is "entity"
    actor = Actor("Simple Ball");
    movement = DirectionalMovement();

    state "main"
        movement.direction = Vector2.right;
        movement.speed = 60;




Spawns a DirectionalMovement.


A DirectionalMovement object.



speed: number.

The speed of the movement, in pixels per second.


direction: Vector2 object.

The direction of the movement.


angle: number.

The counterclockwise angle of the direction vector, in degrees. 0 means right, 90 means up, etc.